• Overhauling the system in three phases.
  • Setting up a quality process.
  • Developing strong customer relationships with a new fare structure focusing on new products.
  • Boost hands-on management to breathe new life into the system.


million passengers per year


million kilometers per year


towns served in two conurbations, Valenciennes Métropole and Porte du Hainaut


Transvilles has set up a strategy to win back local customers. Their new approach to customer relationship management includes tools such as the new website, personalized communication on social networks, and new services at sales offices.

The RATP Dev venture has also boosted safety on its trams and buses through considerable restructuring.

Similarly, hands-on management is a priority to breathe new life and color into the system.

Transvilles has deep local roots through its cultural, athletic, and charitable endeavours. It also concretely bolsters local employment alongside the French Pôle Emploi unemployment agency and its client SITURV. For example, jobseekers registered with Pôle Emploi are given a free monthly transit pass if they get a new contract. "It's a priceless help that first month before the first paycheck rolls in," says Anne-Lise Dufour, president of SITURV.

Along with RATP Dev and the RATP Group Foundation, the operator also entered a partnership with the ENSIAME school of engineering. It funds scholarships and bursaries and runs a mentoring program for three students selected from the university. Now that's how mobility goes hand in hand with solidarity!

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