•    Simplify the network and the service provision in the downtown area 
•    Offer a service tailored to the working population 
•    Make tangible advances in the energy transition


electrically-assisted bicycles (EAB) available for long-term rental


urban bus routes, including a free shuttle service in the downtown area


vehicles for on-demand transportation during peak hours (including transportation for passengers with reduced mobility)


In January 2023, the Laval Municipal Authority awarded RATP Dev the contract to operate and maintain the TUL public transit network. 
Over the coming eight years, RATP Dev will conduct a project aimed at reorganizing the network to make the service offer more user-friendly and advance the ecological transition by making non-polluting vehicles 60% of the fleet by the end of the contract. 
The planned reorganization will be centered on two primary bus routes, nine urban routes, a downtown shuttle service, a transportation-on-demand network throughout the area (including transportation services for passengers with reduced mobility), a comprehensive offer of electric bicycles for short- and long-term rental, as well as secure bicycle parking facilities. In order to attract more passengers and offer a safer and more reliable service, RATP Dev plans to develop passenger information systems for all channels and incorporate Big Data technologies. 
Lastly, throughout the process undertaken with the Laval Municipal Authority, it will be essential for RATP Dev to involve local companies and subcontractors—not to mention the employees through dedicated training—in this ambitious project for the Laval Metropolitan Area. 


Vélo Laval

"From September 2023, a new bus network will be up and running throughout our region; more efficient and more modern."

Florian Bercault
Mayor of Laval, Chairman of the Laval Municipal Authority

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