• Provide an urban transit network that evolves to suit the needs and habits of residents in the Laon region.
  • Improve mobility with user-friendly, comfortable services that cover tourist attractions and business/commercial hubs.
  • Study how the service can be expanded to meet seasonal demand.



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Laon is a town with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants. It requires an agile transit network that can adapt to meet the needs of residents at different times of day and year.

In order to put in place smart transportation solutions, the Laon region has chosen RATP Dev to operate the local network, TUL.

Four bus routes serve densely populated districts as well as business, commercial and service hubs (such as hospitals). The line 4 connects the train station and the historic old town, providing an easy means of access for tourists and residents alike. To which is added a line intended as backup during the school year along with a line catering to learning centres and companies located in the industrial park.

A transport-on-demand service is available on Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons to everyone living in C.A.P.L.

This is an effective local service, which offers convenient times and routes for residents and tourists throughout the region.

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