• Helping the Centre Val de Loire Regional Authority set up innovative collective mobility solutions for customers in rural areas.
  • Offering high quality, affordable, environmentally friendly, and practical services for corporate clients and public transit authorities.
  • Providing local residents with reliable transportation networks that include regular routes, on-demand transportation, school buses, staff transportation, as well as ad hoc and tourist services.



employees and 285 coaches


million km per year


school bus routes in Cher, Indre, and Loir et Cher


STI Centre is a transportation provider that works with local authorities and businesses in the Cher, Indre, and Loir-et-Cher administrative departments.

It manages some twenty regular and on-demand intercity routes (the Rémi 18 and Rémi 36 networks), as well as school bus routes for the Val-de-Loire Regional Authority and the Bourges Metropolitan Area. It also provides employee transportation for large local businesses and operates services for SNCF. Finally, through its tourism and ad hoc transportation services, it organizes trips for works councils, cultural and sports associations, as well as tourist trips for groups.


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